What does Wrudoin mean?

‘Wrudoin’ is another way to say ‘What are you doing’

Wrudoin is short for “what are you doing.” It’s a popular term you’ll often see in text or chat messages. When someone sends you a wrudoin, they are simply curious about your current activity.

When responding to wrudoin, if you’re not engaged in anything particularly exciting, you can reply with abbreviations like NM (Nothing Much), NMJC (Nothing Much, Just Chilling), or N2M (Not Too Much).

On the other hand, if you’re busy at the moment, you can let the person know by saying you’re BZ ATM (Busy At The Moment).

Example for using ‘Wrudoin’ in a conversation

Hey! Wrudoin?

Just chilling at home. Hbu?

NM, just watching some TV. Wrudoin tomorrow?

I’m BZ ATM, but we can catch up later. N2M for now. 😊