What does WT mean in gaming?

Wrong target

When you’re engaged in a frenzied gaming battle and someone shouts WT, it’s a sign you’re attacking the wrong enemy. This slang is commonly used among gamers to quickly correct team strategies during gameplay.

WT stands for “wrong target,” and it’s used to redirect a fellow player’s attention to the correct opponent. Sometimes, it’s an easy fix, allowing you to shift your focus and continue the game with no problem.

But be warned, in more heated or complex battles, picking the WT can have serious consequences. A simple error of targeting the wrong enemy can lead your team towards loss. This mistake can draw the ire of your teammates, particularly if they are highly competitive or passionate players, known in the gaming world as ‘tryhards’.

Example for using ‘WT’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that epic battle last night? 🎮

Yeah, it was intense! But did you notice when I told you to attack the boss, you targeted the wrong enemy? 😅

Oops, my bad! I got confused in the chaos. Sorry! 🙈

No worries, just remember next time when I say “WT,” it means you’ve got the wrong target. Let’s get ’em next time! 💪