What does WTAF stand for?

What the actual f***

WTAF, a variant of the well-known WTF, stands for ‘what the actual f***’. This slang is frequently used in texts and internet communication as a way to convey shock or annoyance.

WTAF can be said aloud as a means to express anger without resorting to explicit language. The creation of this acronym reflects the millennial generation’s fondness for the word “actually”, which naturally found its way into the WTF formula.

You might also see it written as WTH, another way to dodge using expletives while still getting your feelings across. Remember, slang like this is all about expressing yourself in a creative, coded way!

Example for using ‘WTAF’ in a conversation

Person 1: Did you see that new movie? It was so bad! πŸ™„

Person 2: Yeah, I know! I was like WTAF?! 😑

Person 1: Seriously! I couldn’t believe how terrible it was. 😀

Person 2: Right? It was a complete waste of time. πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ