What does WTFE stand for?

What the f*** ever

When you’re texting or chatting and you feel a mix of frustration and a sort of ‘I don’t care’ attitude, you might use WTFE. It’s a blend of the acronyms WTF and WE, and it packs quite a punch as a way to express how you’re feeling.

Remember, it’s not a good idea to use WTFE when you’re talking to people like your boss, your parents, or anyone else who might not appreciate the use of a swear word, even in acronym form. It’s best to keep it for those moments when you’re really ticked off about something and chatting with your friends.

In short, WTFE is perfect for those times when you’re super mad and you want to show that you don’t care at the same time. But remember to keep it friendly and only use it in the right company and situations.

Example for using ‘WTFE’ in a conversation

Friend: I can’t believe I failed my test again! 😑

You: WTFE, it’s just one test. Don’t stress too much! πŸ˜…