What does WTFNF stand for?

What the f****ing f***

When a simple WTF doesn’t quite cut it, you might see someone use WTFNF. This loaded acronym stands for ‘what the f***ing f***’, and it’s used when a regular WTF just isn’t enough to express the frustration or confusion someone is feeling.

People tend to use WTFNF for two main reasons. One, they’re too mad to type out a full sentence. Or two, they want to avoid spelling out the full curse words in their message. So if you see someone dropping a WTFNF in your chat, it’s pretty clear they’re not in a great mood.

You might want to respond by telling them to cool off or chill out. You could use slang like BC (be cool) or if things are really heated, CTFD (calm the f*** down). So now you know, if someone hits you with a WTFNF, they’re seriously wondering what on earth is going on.

Example for using ‘WTFNF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear what happened at the party last night?

No, what went down?

WTFNF! There was a massive fight and the cops had to break it up. It was insane!

OMG, seriously? That’s crazy! I can’t believe people would do that.