What does WTFO stand for?

What the f***, over

Ever been in a chat conversation when someone replies with ‘WTFO’? It’s a simple way of expressing surprise or shock. Think of it like saying “What in the world?” or “How the heck?” It’s a short and sweet way of showing your astonishment.

Now you might be wondering about the ‘O’ in ‘WTFO’. It comes from radio communications where ending a message with ‘over’ means you’re done talking and waiting for a reply. So, if you get a ‘WTFO’, the person probably wants an explanation for whatever prompted them to express their surprise.

This is a pretty casual term, so you’re most likely to see it in a text or chat conversation. Remember, ‘WTFO’ is a crass acronym, so be sure you’re comfortable with the person you’re chatting with before you drop it in the conversation.

Example for using ‘WTFO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that crazy party last night?

WTFO! No, I didn’t. What happened?

Dude, it was wild! People were jumping off the roof into the pool.

WTFO! That’s insane! Did anyone get hurt?