What does WTW stand for?

What’s the word

When you’re on social media, chatting or texting, you might come across the term WTW. Most often, it’s used to mean “what’s the word.” It’s pretty much like saying “what’s up,” as it’s a way to ask someone what they’re up to or how they’re doing.

For instance, if your pal Lisa sends you a message saying “WTW, how’s life?” She’s just trying to spark up a chat by asking about your recent happenings.

Sometimes though, WTW might mean something different. It could stand for “what the what,” which is a more polite way to express surprise or confusion, similar to WTF. Or it could mean “what to wear,” usually when someone’s trying to figure out their outfit for the day.

But don’t worry, the context of the conversation should help you figure out which version of WTW is being used.

Example for using ‘WTW’ in a conversation

Hey! WTW?

Not much, just chilling. WTW with you?

Same here, just relaxing at home. WTW this weekend?

I’m thinking of going hiking. WTW think?