What does WUBU2 stand for?

What’ve you been up to

If you’ve received a message containing WUBU2, it means someone’s curious about your recent activities. WUBU2 is a common acronym in text and online chat, meaning “what’ve you been up to.”

Let’s say you get a message from a buddy you haven’t caught up with for some time, and it includes WUBU2. This means your friend is interested in hearing about any new or interesting things you’ve done since you last spoke.

So how should you respond to WUBU2? If your life’s been a little quiet lately, you can answer with NM, N2M, or NMU, all shorthand for not much happening. But if you’ve had some exciting things happening, go ahead and share your recent adventures or accomplishments with the person who asked you WUBU2.

Example for using ‘WUBU2’ in a conversation

Hey! Long time no chat! WUBU2?

Hey! Not much, just been chilling. NMU. How about you?

Same here, just taking it easy. N2M. Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Not really, just catching up on some Netflix. What about you?