What does WUD stand for?

What you doin’

WUD is a commonly used slang term that stands for “what you doin’.” It’s a quick and fun way for friends to check in and see what each other are doing. You might see this pop up in your text messages or social media chats when a friend is curious about your current activities.

Let’s say you’re just hanging out with no plans. You can reply to WUD with other slang terms like NM (not much), NMHJC (not much here, just chilling), or NMU (not much, you?). This can spark a conversation and maybe even lead to making plans together.

So, next time you get a message with WUD, don’t be puzzled. It’s just your friend trying to catch up and see if you’re free to hang out or just chat. Slang language makes texting more exciting and less formal, don’t you think?

Example for using ‘WUD’ in a conversation

Hey! WUD? πŸ˜„

NM, just chilling at home. WUD? πŸ€”

Same, nothing much. Thinking of going for a walk later. WUD? πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ

Sounds good! Mind if I join? I could use some fresh air too. 🌞