What does WUGF stand for?

What up girlfriend

WUGF is a short form used online or in text messages to say “What up girlfriend.” It’s a quick, informal way to say hello to a girlfriend.

It’s common to find WUGF being used by young adults or teenagers. It’s a fun way they use to ask their girlfriends what they’re doing or what their plans are.

However, since WUGF isn’t a widely known term, it’s best not to use it with older people. They might not understand it and get confused.

Example for using ‘WUGF’ in a conversation

WUGF! Just finished my last class for the day. What’s up with you?

Hey! Not much, just chilling at home. Have any plans for tonight?

Not really. Maybe we could grab some pizza or watch a movie?

Sounds good to me! Let’s do pizza. πŸ•