What does Wup mean?

What’s up

Wup is a slang abbreviation used in chats and text messages, mostly meaning “what’s up.” It’s a speedy method to check on someone’s status or wellbeing.

Although wup isn’t as popular as other abbreviations such as sup and WU, it’s still used by some texters who prefer old school lingo. So, you might still get a text saying “Wup buddy?” at some point.

This term is a notable example of how language evolves and adapts in the digital age. Wup is another way of staying connected and showing care in a fast-paced, text-based world.

Example for using ‘Wup’ in a conversation

Hey! Wup? πŸ‘‹

Not much, just chilling. Wbu? πŸ€”

Same here, just taking a break from work. πŸ˜…

Nice! Any plans for the evening? πŸŒƒ