What does WYSIWYG stand for?

What you see is what you get

At its core, WYSIWYG is a slang term that means what you see is what you get. The idea is that you can make judgments based on what you can see or what is presented to you. For instance, if you bought a second-hand bicycle and it didn’t turn out as good as you expected, your friend may say, “WYSIWYG!”

This is a versatile term and can be used in a variety of contexts, ranging from text messages and online conversations to everyday face-to-face interactions. Pronounced like “wihzeewig”, it’s especially popular in the tech world, specifically when talking about a WYSIWYG editor.

A WYSIWYG editor is a tool that allows you to develop things visually. For example, you can use a WYSIWYG editor to build a website without having to manually write out HTML and CSS code. Instead, you can just drag and drop the elements you want to include. It’s not just for website design, though. You can also find WYSIWYG editors in word processing and note-taking apps.

So, whether you’re dealing with unexpected outcomes or getting creative with tech, the term WYSIWYG could come into play. Just remember, it’s all about taking things at face value!

Example for using ‘WYSIWYG’ in a conversation

Hey, I just bought a new laptop and it’s amazing!

WYSIWYG! Is it as good as it looks?

Absolutely! The performance matches its sleek design.

That’s great! WYSIWYG is always a pleasant surprise.