What does XBH mean in Baseball?

Extra base hits

In the world of baseball, XBH is a key statistic. It’s used to tally the number of hits a player gets that are either a double, triple, or home run. The important thing to note here is that singles don’t count in this statistic, even if the runner makes it to another base due to an error by the opposing team.

So, if a player like John Doe makes a great hit, but only manages a single, it doesn’t get recorded as an XBH. But if John hits a double, triple, or even a home run, that’s an XBH. It’s all about the quality of the hit, not just the fact that a player got on base.

This statistic is crucial when evaluating a player’s performance. It gives us a clearer picture of a player’s hitting power and their ability to earn extra bases on their own merit, rather than relying on errors from the other team. Remember, in XBH, only doubles, triples, and home runs count.

Example for using ‘XBH’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the baseball game last night?

Yeah, it was awesome! Did you see that XBH by the home team?

Totally! That double was a game-changer!

No doubt! XBHs always amp up the excitement.