What does Xitb4ili stand for?

Exit before I lose it

When you’re having a chat with someone and they hit you with ‘xitb4ili’, it’s a clear sign that you’ve struck a nerve. They’re telling you to exit the chat right away because they’re on the edge of losing their cool.

This slang is often used when a person is extremely upset or irritated. It might be due to intentional provocation, like when you’re messing around with a buddy in an online video game. If you push it too far, don’t be surprised if they throw a ‘xitb4ili’ at you. And watch out, they might even report you to the game moderators.

But it’s not always about deliberate trolling. You might accidentally say something that deeply offends or triggers the other person. That’s another situation where you might get a ‘xitb4ili’ in your inbox.

And here’s some advice: you’d better take their suggestion and leave the chat sooner rather than later. If you don’t, prepare to be bombarded with some colorful language that we can’t decode in our clean slang dictionary.

Example for using ‘Xitb4ili’ in a conversation

Ugh, I can’t believe I lost that game. I really suck at this.


What? Why are you telling me to leave?

Because you keep complaining and it’s annoying. Just exit before I lose it.