What does Xlr8 mean?


If you come across the term ‘Xlr8’, don’t get puzzled. It’s a cool and catchy way to say “accelerate”.

It’s a neat trick using the sounds of the letters and number in ‘Xlr8’ to form the word ‘accelerate’. Interesting, isn’t it?

So, next time someone uses ‘Xlr8’, remember they’re not talking in code. They’re simply asking you to pick up the pace, whether you’re behind the wheel or on foot.

Example for using ‘Xlr8’ in a conversation

Hey, are you almost here? I’m waiting outside ⏳

Yeah, stuck in traffic. Will be there in 10 πŸš—

Hurry up, we’re gonna be late! ⏰

I know, I’ll try to Xlr8 and make it on time! 🏎️