What does Xme mean?

Excuse me

Have you ever stumbled upon the slang term ‘Xme’ and wondered what it might mean? It’s pretty simple really. ‘Xme’ is an abbreviation that people frequently use while texting or chatting. It’s a quick way to say “excuse me”.

The ‘X’ in ‘Xme’ is borrowed from ‘excuse’. So it’s like you are messaging someone and you quickly want to say ‘excuse me’ without typing the entire phrase, you can just drop an ‘Xme’.

It’s handy in different situations. For instance, if you feel the need to defend yourself in a conversation, ‘Xme’ is a quick and easy way to interject. It’s also useful if you want to politely interrupt or butt into a conversation without seeming rude.

So, next time when you’re in a chat or a text conversation and you see ‘Xme’, you’ll know exactly what it means. And perhaps, you might even find yourself using it!

Example for using ‘Xme’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the party tonight? πŸŽ‰

No, I didn’t. Xme, but can I come too? πŸ˜…

Of course! Everyone’s invited. πŸ₯³

Awesome! Xme for asking, I didn’t want to intrude. See you there! πŸ€—