What does XOXO mean?

Hugs and kisses

If you’ve ever seen XOXO at the end of a letter or email, you might have wondered what it means. It’s a popular way to add a touch of warmth and affection to a message. The “X” symbolizes a kiss, while the “O” stands for a hug.

While it’s often seen in birthday cards and other greetings as a kid, XOXO isn’t just for children. Adults use it too, especially in digital communication like emails or instant messages. It’s a nice way to end a message to show that you care.

Usually, you’ll find XOXO at the end of the note. It takes the place of more formal closings like “sincerely” or “yours truly”. It’s a simple and sweet way to express affection in writing, no matter who the recipient is.

Example for using ‘XOXO’ in a conversation

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome birthday gift! XOXO

You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it! XOXO

I had such a great time at the party! XOXO

Me too! It was so much fun! XOXO