What does Xt stand for in fitness?


Let’s talk about the term ‘Xt’. It stands for “cross-training” which implies an exercise routine that combines different types of workouts. If you’re a swimmer who also lifts weights, or a long-distance runner who practices yoga, you’re cross-training.

These days, when people talk about cross-training, they often think of CrossFit. This popular fitness brand is known for its varied, high-intensity workouts. But it’s important to note, cross-training doesn’t always have to be high-intensity and it doesn’t mean you have to follow a specific workout plan like CrossFit.

Typically, you’ll see ‘Xt’ being used by fitness enthusiasts on social media or in online fitness forums. You might also spot ‘Xt’ on a sign at your neighborhood fitness center, promoting a cross-training class or workout plan.

Example for using ‘Xt’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m thinking of trying something new for my workouts. Have you ever heard of Xt?

Yeah, Xt stands for cross-training. It’s when you combine different types of exercise in your routine.

That sounds interesting! So, like mixing swimming and weightlifting?

Exactly! That’s a great example of cross-training. You could also do yoga alongside running, for instance.