What does Yakker mean in Baseball?

Yakker equals Curve ball

Yakker is a popular slang term used in the world of baseball. It’s another way to refer to a curve ball. A pitcher uses this sneaky move to trick a batter who might be waiting for a heater or changeup.

This clever trick has another nickname too – it’s often called an “Uncle Charlie.” So, whether you hear yakker or Uncle Charlie, know that they’re talking about the same thing: a curve ball.

In the heat of the game, using the term yakker can add a little fun and mystery. It’s a cool piece of baseball lingo that every fan or player should know.

Example for using ‘Yakker’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that pitch? It was a total 🧒 Yakker!

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it! The batter swung so early. 🀣

I know, right? The pitcher really fooled him with that curveball. πŸ”„

Definitely! The Yakker is a tricky pitch to hit. πŸ₯Ž