Yard Sale

What does Yard Sale mean in Skiing and Snowboarding?

Serious wipeout

When you hear the term ‘Yard Sale’ in the context of skiing or snowboarding, it’s referring to a pretty nasty spill. Picture someone wiping out so hard that their skis, poles, gloves, and hat go flying, landing all over the place. The scattered gear looks a bit like items displayed at a traditional yard sale, hence the name. ‘Yard Sale’ usually implies that the skier or snowboarder was going pretty fast, because it takes some serious speed to send your equipment flying.

The exact origins of ‘Yard Sale’ are a little fuzzy, but we know it started getting used a lot in pro skiing and snowboarding circles around the early 2000s. You’ll often hear it used by commentators during big events like the Winter Olympics, the X-games, or the World Championships. It’s become a part of the lingo in these sports.

But ‘Yard Sale’ isn’t limited to just winter sports. You might hear it in other contexts too. Picture someone rushing off to work, tripping, and sending their keys, coffee cup, and briefcase tumbling. The resulting mess could also be described as a ‘Yard Sale’. Basically, any time things are scattered around due to some sort of mishap, you could potentially use this term.

Example for using ‘Yard Sale’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the skier wiping out?

Yeah, it was a total yard sale! Skis, poles, and gloves everywhere!

Haha, I can’t believe how everything just scattered like that.

I know, right? That’s why they call it a yard sale.