What does YATB stand for?

You are the best

YATB is a popular online and text slang that’s shorthand for “you are the best.” It’s a quick and easy way to pay someone a compliment, much like saying urgr8, but it takes the praise up a notch by implying the person is unrivaled in their greatness.

This kind of praise is usually given out as a token of thanks for a particular action. For instance, if someone has just assisted you with a difficult math problem, helped you shift a bulky piece of furniture, or generously shared their last piece of dessert with you, you might respond with a YATB.

Of course, it’s likely that the person you’re praising isn’t actually the best at everything (although they could be). The phrase YATB is more a reflection of your deep appreciation for what they’ve done, or just for them being their awesome self.

Example for using ‘YATB’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just aced my math test!

YATB! That’s amazing! I knew you could do it! πŸŽ‰

Thanks! Your support means a lot to me. 😊