What does Ydg mean?

Ya dig

Ydg is basically a shortened version of “ya dig.” It’s a phrase typically used to check if someone comprehends what you’re saying. It’s often tacked on at the end of a sentence, functioning as a casual way of asking, “Do you understand?”

Suppose, for example, you’re thoroughly tired of explaining your intense dislike for red onions to your friend. You want to make it absolutely clear that you can’t stand the taste of red onions and you’d rather not have them in your burger. You might end the conversation with a message like this: “Look, red onions just aren’t for me. I can’t really explain why, but I just can’t stand them. Please, no red onions in my burger, YDG?

However, keep in mind that using YDG in this manner might not always be the best idea. It’s a bit forceful and can come across as aggressive, especially in personal relationships. So, even though it’s a handy way to check someone’s understanding, try to use it sparingly. YDG?

Example for using ‘Ydg’ in a conversation

Hey, did you catch the new episode of that show last night?

Yeah, I watched it. The ending was so unexpected, YDG?

Totally! I didn’t see that plot twist coming at all.

Right? It completely changed everything, YDG?