What does Yeen mean?

You ain’t even

Yeen is a shortened version of “you ain’t even.” You’ll often see it on social media or in text messages, where it takes the place of phrases like “you aren’t,” “you don’t,” or “you haven’t.” An example of this might be, “Yeen been to LA? You need to!”

This slang term comes from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE), specifically Southern AAVE. As with many other slang terms, its usage has spread far beyond its original community, thanks to social media and real-world interactions.

There’s an additional, quite different use for yeen. Some people find hyenas cute (yes, really!) and use “yeen” as a pet name for these animals. If you come across the term in a post discussing the merits of hyenas, or alongside a picture of one, it’s safe to assume that in this context, yeen means “hyena.”

Example for using ‘Yeen’ in a conversation

Yeen coming to the party tonight?

Nah, I can’t make it. Got other plans.

Aww, yeen gonna miss out on all the fun!

I know, I’m bummed. But I’ll catch up with you guys later.