What does YG2BJ stand for?

You’ve got to be joking

If you’re chatting with someone and they send YG2BJ, it means they’re saying “you’ve got to be joking.” This acronym is typically used to show surprise or disbelief. It’s like they’re so shocked, they can’t believe what you just said is true.

So, how do you respond to YG2BJ? It depends on the context. If you were just pulling their leg with your previous message, you can reply with JK, which stands for just kidding. But what if you were serious? In that case, you can respond with IDS, meaning I’m dead serious, or srsly, which is a shortcut for seriously.

Remember, it’s all about context. So the next time you see YG2BJ in a chat, don’t be confused. They’re not talking about some mysterious code, they’re just saying “you’ve got to be joking” in the most internet-friendly way!

Example for using ‘YG2BJ’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just won $100 in a raffle!

YG2BJ! That’s amazing! Congrats! πŸŽ‰

Haha, thanks! I can’t believe it either! πŸ˜„

JK! I knew you could do it. You’re lucky! πŸ€