What does YGTBKM stand for?

You’ve got to be kidding me

Have you ever been so shocked by something you’ve heard or seen that you just can’t believe it? Well, that’s where the slang term ‘YGTBKM’ comes into play. It’s usually used by folks who are easily convinced by anything they’re told.

This rather lengthy acronym stands for the phrase, “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me”. It’s a common reaction to news or events that seem so unbelievable, it must be a joke.

So the next time someone tells you something that leaves you utterly baffled, just hit them with a quick ‘YGTBKM’. This will express your disbelief and shock in a quick, effective way.

Example for using ‘YGTBKM’ in a conversation

Can you believe it? My favorite band is coming to town next month!

YGTBKM! No way! I’ve been dying to see them live!

I know, right? I thought it was a joke at first!

Seriously, this is amazing news! I can’t wait to get tickets!