What does YHS stand for in online poker?

Your hand sucks

YHS is a term that is often used by online poker players. It stands for “your hand sucks”. It’s a way to communicate to another player that their hand is seriously bad.

You can commonly spot YHS in online poker forums. It’s here that players share the nitty-gritty of their hands, their game moves, and what they were thinking. This is done to get advice and feedback from other players.

If a player’s hand breakdown is getting a lot of YHS replies, it indicates that the player probably made a mistake playing that hand. It’s a quick and simple way for players to judge the quality of a hand.

Example for using ‘YHS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that poker hand I posted in the forum?

Yeah, I saw it. YHS! Your hand was terrible!

I know, I totally misplayed it. Thanks for the honest feedback!

No problem, that’s what the forums are for. Keep learning and improving!