What does Yikes mean?

‘Yikes’ is another way to say ‘Wow’

‘Yikes’ is a common expression used to convey surprise or shock. It’s been around since the 1940s and was once considered a fringe term. But now, you can hear it in everyday conversations, in social media posts, and even in text messages.

While ‘Yikes’ can be used to express a pleasant surprise, it’s mostly used in response to something negative, disturbing, or gross. For instance, if a kid starts to have a meltdown, or an adult accidentally soils their pants, or a car crashes into a letterbox – a typical reaction would be to say ‘Yikes’.

People from all walks of life, from young kids to grown-up adults, use ‘Yikes’. Its popularity has spawned an even stronger version of the term – ‘Big yikes’. This phrase became a hit in 2018 and is used when a situation is exceptionally shocking or bizarre.

Example for using ‘Yikes’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new Avengers movie?

Yeah, I just watched it yesterday. Yikes, it was so epic! 🀯

I’m planning to watch it this weekend. Can’t wait! 😁

You’re gonna love it, trust me! The action scenes are yikes-worthy! πŸ’₯