What does YKW stand for?

You know what

YKW is an acronym that you might come across in online chats or text conversations. It often gets used as a rhetorical question, especially when there’s something intriguing or surprising to discuss. For instance, imagine you’ve scored tickets to a popular music event. You could text your buddy, “YKW? I’m seeing Beyoncé live tonight!”

However, it’s not always used as a question. Sometimes, people use YKW as part of a statement. For instance, you might be chatting with a colleague about a project and send a message like, “YKW to do.” That’s another way this versatile acronym gets used in everyday digital communication.

Example for using ‘YKW’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what?

What’s up?

YKW? I got tickets to the new Marvel movie!

No way! That’s awesome! When are we going?