What does YLOD stand for?

Yellow Light of Death

If you’re a PlayStation 3 (PS3) fan, you might have heard about or experienced the YLoD, short for Yellow Light of Death. It’s a distress signal that your console is facing a serious system malfunction. This nasty yellow light shows up when you attempt to power up a faulty PS3.

When YLoD flashes, it’s best to switch off your PS3 right away and start hunting for ways to fix it. In most cases, the YLoD is triggered by a motherboard failure, which happens when capacitors wear out over time.

These types of failures are more frequent in the early model PS3s that use NEC/Tokin capacitors. But don’t worry, you or a handy tech expert can replace these capacitors, giving your PS3 a fresh start.

Example for using ‘YLOD’ in a conversation

Hey, I tried turning on my PS3 today and it’s showing a yellow light. Do you know what that means?

Oh no, you’ve got the YLOD. It’s a major system error.

What should I do now?

You should turn off your PS3 and look for information on how to fix it. It’s usually caused by a motherboard failure.