What does YMBJ stand for?

You must be joking

When you see YMBJ, it’s basically someone telling you “you must be joking“. It’s a quick way to express disbelief or surprise, sort of like saying “You’ve got to be kidding me!” in text.

Now, let’s say you get a message with YMBJ and they’ve hit the nail on the head – you were pulling their leg. All you need to do is hit back with JK, which stands for “just kidding”. That’s your way of saying “Yep, you caught me, I was joking”.

But what if you weren’t joking? If you were dead serious and they send you YMBJ, you can reply with IDS, which is short for “I’m dead serious”. Or, you can keep it short and sweet with srs, which is internet speak for “serious”.

Example for using ‘YMBJ’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new movie coming out?

YMBJ! There’s another superhero movie?!

Haha, yeah! It’s called “Superpower Squad.”

JK, right? That sounds too good to be true!