What does YPML stand for?

You’re pulling my leg

YPML is an acronym that stands for “you’re pulling my leg“. This phrase, and the acronym itself, are other ways of saying “you’re joking”. It’s one of those slang terms that don’t really have an explanation for their origin.

Let’s put it into context. Say you tell your friend, Bob, that you’ve accidentally crashed his car. He might respond with “YPML, right?” What Bob’s really saying is that he’s hoping you’re just messing with him about the car accident.

It’s an interesting way of expressing disbelief or surprise in a conversation. YPML is a fun and quirky addition to your texting lingo.

Example for using ‘YPML’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, guess what? I won a free trip to Hawaii!

Person 2: YPML! Seriously? That’s incredible! 😲

Person 1: Haha, no, I’m just kidding. But wouldn’t that be amazing? πŸ˜…

Person 2: Haha, you got me there! YPML indeed. Maybe one day, though! 🌴🌺