What does YSJ stand for?

You’re so jealin’

YSJ is a popular slang acronym that stands for “you’re so jealin'”. It’s a quick and fun way to accuse someone of being jealous or envious.

Let’s say you have a friend, Mark, who criticizes your amazing drawings, claiming they’re not good. You could hit back with a simple YSJ, implying that Mark is just jealous of your skills.

Alternatively, imagine you’ve just started dating a super hot guy, and you send a picture of him to your besties, Sarah and Emily. Along with the picture, dropping a YSJ might be the perfect way to tease them about their obvious jealousy over your new boyfriend’s stunning looks.

Example for using ‘YSJ’ in a conversation

Hey, check out this amazing piece of artwork I just finished! 😍

OMG, that’s so cool! I wish I could draw like you. 😮

YSJ! Don’t be jealin’, you’re talented too! 🎨

Haha, thanks! You always know how to boost my confidence. 😊