What does Yuccie stand for?

Young urban creative

A Yuccie is a term that describes a trendy, creative young person who lives in a bustling city like Los Angeles, Boston or Miami. The word ‘yuccie’ cleverly combines the initials Y, U, and C from the phrase ‘young urban creative’.

This cool, urban individual is a blend of a yuppie and a hipster. They have the ambition and desire for success that is characteristic of a yuppie, but they also have the creative spirit and unique style of a hipster.

When we talk about more than one yuccie, we use the term ‘Yuccies’. These are the folks who are making their mark in the world with their creative ideas, while also striving to climb the ladder of success.

Example for using ‘Yuccie’ in a conversation

Hey, have you met the new neighbor yet?

Not yet, what’s he like?

He’s a total Yuccie, moved from San Francisco. Works in graphic design, but he’s so ambitious, it’s like he’s got that yuppie drive.

Sounds interesting, I should definitely meet him soon.