What does Yuge mean?

Yuge means Huge

Yuge is a spin-off of the word “huge”. The “h” sound is silent, making the “u” more prominent (like “yooge”). It’s a term you’ll often encounter on social media posts, in text conversations, or even in face-to-face chats.

The term gained popularity during the 2016 presidential campaign, frequently used by Donald Trump. It was further propagated by Trump’s political rival, Bernie Sanders, who also used it often during his run for the Democratic presidential nomination. The use of ‘yuge’ may be satirical or serious, depending on the speaker’s political leanings.

Generally, ‘yuge’ is used as a synonym for ‘huge’. However, it can also be used to describe something even larger or more impressive than ‘huge’. For instance, if a souped-up pickup truck is considered ‘huge’, then a monster truck would be described as ‘yuge’.

Example for using ‘Yuge’ in a conversation

Did you see the new skyscraper downtown?

Yeah, it’s yuge! Totally dwarfs all the other buildings around it.

I know, right? And the view from the top must be yuge too!

Absolutely! Must be a yuge hit with the tourists.