What does Yupz mean?

‘Yupz’ means ‘OK’

When you say ‘Yupz’, you’re essentially saying ‘OK’. It’s a fun and cool alternative to the more common ‘yup’. It’s the extra ‘z’ that gives it that edge!

It’s mostly heard among middle schoolers, but don’t be surprised if you hear an adult use it. Sometimes, older folks use it to appear more hip and trendy.

‘Yupz’ is part of a bigger group of slang terms that all mean yes. This group includes words like yup, yep, yepperz, and yeap. All these words are used to give a positive response or show agreement.

Example for using ‘Yupz’ in a conversation

Hey, are you ready to go to the movies tonight?

Yupz! What time should we meet?

Let’s meet at 7:00 PM outside the theater.

Sounds good! See you then!