What does YYSSW stand for?

Yeah yeah, sure sure, whatever

Are you ever at a point where you just couldn’t be bothered to care? Then YYSSW is your go-to slang. YYSSW, short for “yeah yeah, sure sure, whatever,” is a digital slang that perfectly communicates your indifference or lack of interest. It’s a more dramatic version of YSW, also conveying a sense of acceptance or agreement, albeit reluctantly.

Not as widely used as meh, but YYSSW has found its place among the younger generation’s jargon. It’s often used when they have to agree to something they’d rather not do. It can be used in various contexts where you’d rather say ‘meh’ but want to be a little more expressive.

Let’s look at some examples. Suppose your dad messages you to tidy your room, a simple “YYSSW” would convey your agreement, though not eagerly. Or if a buddy messages you to join them for a study session, a reply of “YYSSW, I’m on my way,” would show your less than enthusiastic consent.

Example for using ‘YYSSW’ in a conversation

Mom: Can you please take out the trash?


Mom: I’m serious, it’s your turn!

YYSSW, fine! 😩