What does Zillennial mean?

Someone who was born around the year 1996 is called a ‘Zillennial’

Zillennial is a term used to describe individuals born around the year 1996, the borderline separating millennials and zoomers. These individuals are unique in the sense that they share characteristics and life experiences of both millennials and zoomers but don’t entirely belong to either group.

For instance, many zillennials can recall the events of 9/11, a memory that younger zoomers do not have. On the other hand, unlike older millennials, zillennials have had the benefit of growing up with modern technology like cell phones and the internet.

Being part of both worlds, they are often seen as the bridge that connects millennials and zoomers, especially on the internet and in the workplace. Their unique position allows them to understand and joke about both generations’ tastes and behaviors.

Example for using ‘Zillennial’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you know that I’m a zillennial?

Oh, really? What does that mean?

It means I was born around 1996, right between millennials and zoomers.

Ah, got it! So you kinda relate to both generations, huh?