What does ZOMFG mean?

Oh my freakin’ gosh!

When you’re absolutely blown away by something you’ve read online or in a text, you might respond with ‘ZOMFG’. Imagine if you got the news that your bestie, say, Alex, was accepted into the same university as you, your immediate reaction might be to text back, “ZOMFG!!!!”

The expression is a more intense version of ZOMG, and even more so than OMG. The added “Z” and “F” crank up the level of shock or surprise. While it’s not exclusive to any specific group, it’s most commonly used among young teenage girls.

You’ll typically spot ‘ZOMFG’ being used when someone’s reacting to something extremely good or extremely bad. It’s not often used for situations that fall in between. Like if you’re watching your favorite series and suddenly they eliminate the character you love most, you might react with a “ZOMFG!!”. On the flip side, suppose your folks surprise you with tickets to see your most-loved band live, you’ll likely respond with a very excited “ZOMFG!!”.

Example for using ‘ZOMFG’ in a conversation

OMG guess what?! I just won tickets to see my favorite band in concert! 😱

ZOMFG!!!! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜