Zoom Town

What does Zoom Town mean?

A town where lots of people working from home are choosing to live

A Zoom town refers to a small town that’s experiencing rapid growth due to an influx of remote workers. This trend was observed during the COVID-19 pandemic when a lot of people started working from home and decided to move out of crowded cities into quieter, less populated areas. The term comes from merging the name of the popular video conferencing app ‘Zoom’, which facilitated remote work, and the phrase ‘boom town’, which describes a town with sudden and rapid growth.

It’s worth noting that this shift towards remote work and consequently, the rise of Zoom towns, was not solely triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Even before the health crisis, some individuals who had the flexibility to work from home were already relocating out of bustling cities. Most of these remote workers opted to settle in towns with a population of less than 100,000, often situated in or near attractive holiday destinations or areas with beautiful natural landscapes.

However, this sudden population increase is not without consequences. Some of these Zoom towns are now grappling with the challenges brought about by their rapid expansion. As more and more people move in, these once quiet communities are at risk of becoming as overcrowded and expensive as the urban environments the remote workers initially left.

Example for using ‘Zoom Town’ in a conversation

Hey! Guess what? I just moved to a small town in the mountains.

Oh really? Why did you move?

I wanted a change of scenery and the opportunity to work remotely.

Ah, so you’re living in a Zoom Town now?

Exactly! It’s a growing community of remote workers like me.