What does Zoomer mean?

A ‘Zoomer’ is someone who was born between 1997 and 2012

People born between 1997 and the early 2010s are often called zoomers. This term is another name for Generation Z or iGen, who grew up during the rapid growth of the Internet and technological devices.

Zoomers are typically very tech-savvy and online, having never experienced a world without the internet. The societal effects of a generation that is always online have not been fully realized, but it’s been observed that zoomers tend to participate less in risky behaviors like drinking alcohol and teenage pregnancy, while they are more prone to depression and other mental health issues.

The term zoomer was originally a twist on the term boomer, a name for those born from 1946 to 1964. It was first used in 2016 in a press release titled Boomers to Zoomers: Passing the Torch to Generation Z! Interestingly, the term gained more relevance in 2020 as many zoomers started using the Zoom video communication app frequently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Example for using ‘Zoomer’ in a conversation

Hey, did you know that I’m a Zoomer?

Really? What does that mean?

It means I was born between 1997 and 2012, part of Generation Z.

Ah, got it! So you’re tech-savvy and always online, right?