What does Zooze mean?

Having a drink with friends on Zoom

Zooze is a slang term that combines the words Zoom and booze. It’s a fun way to describe the act of inviting your buddies for a virtual drink or two (or more) over a Zoom call. This became a popular way to hang out virtually during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Different groups use the concept of zoozing in various ways. Some groups use it to replace their regular, face-to-face gatherings, while others go a step further and organize detailed, themed zooze parties.

So, whether you’re thinking about catching up with your old pals or planning a virtual office party, you might just be getting ready for a zooze session. It’s a new way of socializing that lets us stay connected while also staying safe.

Example for using ‘Zooze’ in a conversation

Hey, want to zooze tonight? 🍻

Sure, I’m down! What time? ⏰

How about 7 pm? We can catch up over Zoom. πŸ“·

Sounds good! I’ll bring my favorite drink. 🍹