What does AFAWK stand for?

As far as we know

Often used in online talks about movies, TV shows, video games, celebrities, and such, AFAWK stands for “As Far As We Know“. This slang is commonly seen on social media platforms and discussion forums.

For instance, a fan of Harry Potter might write, “AFAWK, Luna Lovegood doesn’t have a sibling in the J.K. Rowling series (but there have been references to other Lovegoods).” This implies that, based on the currently available information, Luna Lovegood is an only child in the Harry Potter series.

Not only limited to pop culture discussions, AFAWK can also pop up in casual chats or text messages. This is a way for your friends, family, or work colleagues to share what they know. An example could be your team leader posting “AFAWK, the management is not currently approving any additional leaves” in a team chat, to inform that you might not be able to take extra time off at the moment.

Example for using ‘AFAWK’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the new Marvel movie?

Yeah, AFAWK, it’s going to be epic!

I heard they’re introducing a new superhero. AFAWK, it’s someone from the comics.

That’s right! AFAWK, it’s going to be a surprise for the fans.