Hustle Culture

A culture that puts a lot of emphasis on working long hours


Hunty stands for Honey


A humble way of saying something that still highlights something good about you


‘Hubby’ is slang for ‘Husband’


Happy People Don’t Complain

How Bow Dah

‘How Bow Dah’ translates to ‘How about that’

Hot Potting

Taking a dip in an extremely hot natural spring

Hot Pot

Chilling out in a hot spring

Hot Mess

A person who’s a complete disaster

Hot Dish

A baked casserole, served warm, that comes in a dish is called ‘Hot Dish’.

Hot Desking

Offering limited desk space that is not assigned to anyone in particular


Drawing someone back into a relationship, also known as ‘Hoovering’


‘Honky’ is slang for a white person