What does ALDS stand for in Baseball?

American League Division Series

When you hear the term ‘ALDS’, it’s usually around the time of the Major League Baseball postseason. It’s an acronym that means American League Division Series.

Back in 1995, the Major League Baseball decided to have the ALDS as a permanent fixture in their calendar. It is a best-of-5 series that has teams that have won their division or the wild card participating.

Interestingly, there are two division series in the AL. The teams that come out victorious in these two series eventually face each other in the American League Championship Series. The team that wins this series gets the chance to play in the World Series, where they compete for the championship.

Example for using ‘ALDS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you catch the ALDS game last night? πŸ€

Yeah, I watched it! The Yankees took on the Red Sox. ⚾️

Who won? πŸ†

The Red Sox won the series and advanced to the ALCS! πŸŽ‰