What does Brocation mean?

Vacation with the bros

A brocation is a holiday taken by two or more guys, often buddies or pals, who embark on an adventure together. This type of vacation typically includes activities that are considered traditionally masculine or ‘bro’ like, such as attending a sports game, gambling, or camping outdoors.

These trips can also involve a fair amount of partying and getting wasted. Brocations provide an opportunity for males to strengthen their friendships and enjoy each other’s company without any female involvement.

However, a common part of the brocation experience can also be the pursuit of female company. Despite the initial goal of spending time exclusively with their bros, it’s not uncommon for the guys to engage in some flirting or dating while on their trip.

Example for using ‘Brocation’ in a conversation

Hey man, I’m thinking we need a break. Let’s go on a brocation! 🍻🌴

Dude, I’m totally down! What should we do on this brocation? πŸ€”

We can hit up a sports game, go camping, and party all night! It’ll be epic! πŸ€β›ΊοΈπŸŽ‰

Sounds like a plan, bro! Let’s do it! πŸ™Œ