What does BWI stand for?

But what if

When you’re chatting or sending text messages, the term BWI is often used to mean “but what if.” It’s a quick way for people to introduce a different thought or idea into a conversation, or to suggest a change in plans.

Let’s look at an example to make it easier to understand. Imagine you and your partner, let’s call them Alex, are planning on having Chinese food for dinner. You propose this idea to Alex, and they reply with “BWI we get a pizza delivered?” What Alex is doing here is using BWI to suggest another option for your dinner plans.

So, in simple terms, when someone uses BWI, they’re asking you to think about and possibly agree to a different idea or plan. It’s a useful piece of slang that’s handy for quick text or chat conversations when you want to propose an alternative.

Example for using ‘BWI’ in a conversation

Hey, do you want to grab lunch at that new sushi place?

BWI we get burgers instead? πŸ”

Hmm, I was really in the mood for sushi. How about we compromise and get sushi for dinner?

Sounds good! Let’s do sushi for dinner then. 🍣