What does BYAM stand for?

Between You And Me

BYAM is a handy piece of slang used in personal chats. It’s a way to say “This is just between us.” It’s usually used right before sharing something that shouldn’t be spread around.

When someone uses BYAM, they’re saying “between only you and me.” It’s a signal that they’re about to share something private, something that needs to be kept under wraps.

It’s crucial to honor the trust someone places in you when they use BYAM. Respect their privacy and keep what they share to yourself. Remember, they’re trusting you with information they don’t want others to know.

So, next time someone says BYAM, know that they are about to share something confidential with you. It’s your responsibility to respect that confidentiality and not share their information with others.

Example for using ‘BYAM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the surprise party for Sarah?

BYAM, but yes! I can’t wait to celebrate with her.

I know, right? She’s going to be so surprised.

Definitely! Let’s make sure we keep it a secret until then.