What does CC mean in online gaming?

Crowd control

In online gaming realms, specifically MMORPGs and MOBAs, ‘CC’ is a commonly used slang which stands for “crowd control”. When a player requests you for CC, they are basically asking your help to stun or immobilize an enemy or a group of enemies.

There are various methods to execute CC within a game. For instance, player characters or PCs have the ability to stun, trap, knock back, blind or disrupt enemies in different ways.

When a CC effect fully neutralizes an enemy, making them incapable of fighting back, it’s known as hard crowd control. However, if the CC effect only hampers an enemy but they still have the ability to fight, it’s termed as soft crowd control.

Example for using ‘CC’ in a conversation

Hey, can you CC that group of enemies? πŸ›‘οΈ

Sure, I got it! 🎯

Awesome! Thanks! πŸ’ͺ

No problem, happy to help! 😊