What does CFS mean?

Care for a secret?

If you’ve got some juicy news to share and you’re checking to see if your friends are ready to hear it, you might send them a text saying “CFS?” CFS is a slang term often used in texting or online messaging, like in social media DMs.

It’s kind of like knocking on a mystery door. You never know what surprise might be waiting on the other side. It could be a delightful update about two friends you’ve been hoping would get together. Or, it may be a less-than-impressive chat-up line you received on a dating app.

In other cases, it might be some unsettling news about someone you look up to. CFS has the potential to be anything, so be prepared for a surprise when you see it pop up in your messages.

Example for using ‘CFS’ in a conversation

Hey! CFS?

Sure, spill the tea!

Remember John and Emily? They’re officially dating now! πŸ’‘

No way! That’s amazing news! πŸŽ‰