What does Deeps mean in gaming?

Damage per second

In the world of gaming, especially in MMORPG, the term ‘Deeps’ is quite popular. It’s a different way of saying DPS, which stands for “damage per second”. This term quantifies how much damage a player’s character, or avatar, can inflict on an enemy within a second.

‘Deeps’ is often used in game discussions to highlight the effectiveness of a character. A character that can deal high ‘Deeps’ is considered strong and valuable. It’s not just limited to characters though, weapons and spells in these games can also have ‘Deeps’ values.

So next time you hear gamers talking about ‘Deeps’, you’ll understand that they’re discussing how much damage a particular character, weapon, or spell can deal in a single second. It’s a key term that helps players strategize and choose their tools wisely for the game.

Example for using ‘Deeps’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen my new character in the game? It’s doing crazy damage!

Nice! How much damage per second are you dealing?

My Deeps is off the charts! It’s hitting enemies hard and fast.

That’s awesome! With that kind of Deeps, you’ll be unstoppable!